Editorial policy of the Journal is governed by the ethics of scientific work which is based on the set of moral principles guiding scientists in their work and ensuring functioning of science.

Editorial policy of the Journal ensures:

  • objectivity and impartiality in the selection of manuscripts for publication;
  • team-spirit in making decisions on publication of manuscripts;
  • adherence to copyright law and editorial ethics.

Every manuscript submitted to and shortlisted by the editorial board shall undergo peer review. Based on the peer review report the final decision is made which includes one of the following: acceptance, request revision, rejection. The editorial board does not discuss with authors the compliance of their manuscripts with Journal's subject-matter.

Authors of the manuscripts submitted to the editorial board bear all responsibility for the content and the publication of their works and must observe the following principles:

  • compliance of manuscripts with ethical and legal norms;
  • scientific novelty of research; validity of published information;
  • manuscripts do not breach any copyright, therefore authors are liable for any damage the publisher otherwise may suffer;
  • originality (manuscripts of this or similar form neither haven been published elsewhere nor are being reviewed by editorial boards of other journals at the moment and all possible conflicts of interests and publishing related problems have been resolved);
  • acknowledgement of other authors' contribution, mandatory availability of bibliographic references to all publications relevant to this manuscript; absence of self-plagiarism in the manuscript.

If the elements of the manuscript have been previously published in another article, then the authors are obliged to refer to that earlier article.

In case of plagiarism detection or any copyright violations the editorial board has the right to reject manuscripts without further review. The editors have the right to reject the manuscripts if they do not meet the requirements for publications.

The editorial board shall not be liable for any damage the publication of article may cause. If publication of the article resulted in violation of one's rights or generally accepted publication ethics guidelines, the editorial board has the right to withdraw this article.