Requirements for Manuscripts

  1. The Editorial Board accepts only those articles containing original material corresponding to the profile of the journal, which have been neither published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. The article shall clearly present results obtained by the author without repeating the data in the text, tables and figures. The article shall start with an introduction and finish with definite conclusions.
  2. Articles which do not meet format requirements and lack necessary accompanying documents are not reviewed. The decision whether to publish or reject an article is made by the Editorial Board of the journal, and its decision is final.
  3. The volume of articles, including tables, shall not exceed 10 pages of typewritten text (minimum 5), the maximum number of pictures, including a, b, c, etc. is 7. The text of the article shall be submitted as an MS Word file (document format *.doc or *.docx). Font: Times New Roman 12 pt, single line-spacing, pages shall be numbered, all margins – 25 mm. Microsoft Equation shall be used for formula and equations. In addition to placing in the text, all pictures shall be presented in separated files of the appropriate format (*.jpg, *.png, etc.).
  4. The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) index shall be placed at the beginning of the article (above its title). Authors' initials, names, and full name of the institution (organization) in which the authors work, the e-mail address shall be placed below the title. Then abstract in Russian shall follow (maximum 10 lines) which reflects the main content of the article. The abstract is followed by keywords (maximum 5 words). After that the main text of the article is placed. Table headings shall be included in the text.


The following documents shall be attached to the article:

  • Full name of the organization where the described research is conducted.
  • Author's ID in Russian and English, including: surname, name and patronymic of the author (authors), place of employment, position, academic degree and academic title, contact phones, e-mail.
  • Extract from Minutes of the Department meeting that examined the article being submitted, which includes the Department's recommendation for publication in the journal, as well as the full name of the Department (without abbreviations).
  • A document confirming the possibility of an open publication of the article.
  • The title of the article, abstract and keywords to the article in English.
  • A bibliographic list in English;
  • Electronic copies of all the documents shall be emailed to: