№ 2 (2), 2018


Modern Technologies of Flax Components Processing for the Production of Different Purposes
O. Bogdanova, Y.Berezovsky

Investigation of Physical and-Mechanical Properties of Hemp Cottonin
G. Boyko, A. Tihosova, A. Kutasov

Instrumental Control System of Discontinuous Characteristics of Flax Fiber
E. Pashin, A. Orlov

Comprehensive Assessment of the Para-Aramid Fabric Quality
A. Kurdenkova, Yu. Shustov, Ya. Bulanov

Study of the Influence of Structure on the Properties of Voluminous Nonwoven Insulation Clothing
V. Besshaposhnikova, N. Klimova, N. Kovaleva



Development of Grates for Cleaning Fibrous Mass in the Form of Raw Cotton
Е. E. Bitus, A. Djuraev, F. Plekhanov, K. Razumeev, D. Tashpulatov

Investigation of the Process of Shrink and Volume of Combined Wool-And-Chemical Fiber under Effects of Electromagnetic Waves of Super High Frequency
A. Kulandin, A. Kogan



Suit Linen Jacquard Fabrics of Two-Layer Structure
G. Kazarnovskaya



Ways of Solving Wastes Problems in Sewing and Knitting Production
O. Kadnikova

Determination of the Nomenclature of Knitted Shoe Material Quality Indicators
T. Kozodoy, N. Yasinskaya, N. Skobova

Development of Cords with the Use of Carbon Threads
A. Charkovskij, V. Anichkin, A. Misevich, A. Kaltyzhenkov



Possibilities of Enzymatic Technologies for the Depigmentation of Denim Garments
N. Skobova, N. Yasinskaya



Application of Three-Dimensional Printing for Form-Fixing Elements in Garments
M. Guseva, V. Getmantseva, E. Andreeva

Methodics of The Process of Designing Upper Women's Clothes in Mass Production for an Individual Consumer
L. Zolottseva, N. Trutneva

Comprehensive Assessment of Materials Performance Properties for Manufacture of Armor Frame
D. Pankevich, M. Kukushkin, E. Amonova



One-Dimensional Model of Warp Threads Elongation in Woven Fabric with Allowance for Frictional Forces
P. Sevostyanov, T. Samoylova, V. Monahov



The Use of Linen Fabric in the Design of Gift Packaging
A. Popova

Development of a Collection of Women's Youth Sets on the Principles of Japanese Cut
K. Ganina, L. Popkovskaya

Composition Analysis of Products by Ornamental Slusky Belts Motives
G. Kazarnovskaya, N. Abramovich


Anniversary of Alexander Kogan, the founder of the scientific and pedagogical school of Vitebsk State Technological University in the field of technol-ogy of textile materials