Instrumental Control System of Discontinuous Characteristics of Flax Fiber


E. Pashin

Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, Russian Federation

A. Orlov

Kostroma State University, Russian Federation


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For flax fibers testing under tension similar to the conditions that take place during their processing, an instrumental control system with the use of tensile strength tester is proposed. A method for determining the breaking force of the fiber sample at high-speed tension, which consists of controlling the time and angular coordinate of the pendulum of tensile strength tester, is created. This enables to calculate the angular acceleration, and its magnitude – the tensile force at break. An instrument system for monitoring the breaking force of flax fiber, including modules for me-chanical testing and calculation of the breaking force is developed.


fiber, flax, breaking force, test, high-speed stretching


  • Pashin, E. Instrumental Control System of Discontinuous Characteristics of Flax Fiber / E. Pashin, A. Orlov // Materials and Technologies. - 2018.  -  № 2 (2). - С. 18 - 21.


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