Possibilities of Enzymatic Technologies for the Depigmentation of Denim Garments



N. Skobova, N. Yasinskaya

Vitebsk State Technological University, Republic of Belarus


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The technological mode of enzyme washing of denim garments on the washing equipment of activator type by enzyme preparations of different manufacturers with the subsequent chemical softening is developed and opti-mized. The efficiency of treatment of denim products with enzyme preparations was studied in terms of the effects of abrasion and aging, and a choice of enzyme preparation for depigmentation of the face surface of the material was made.


enzyme treatment, washing, softening, weight loss, strength


  • Skobova, N.​​​ Possibilities of Enzymatic Technologies for the Depigmentation of Denim Garments / N. Skobova, N. Yasinskaya // Materials and Technologies. - 2018.  -  № 2 (2). - P. 65 - 69.    http://dx.doi.org/10.24411/2617-149X-2018-12012


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