Investigation of Physical and-Mechanical Properties of Hemp Cottonin


G. Boyko, A.Tihosova, A. Kutasov

Kherson National Technical University, Ukraine


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In the article, the physical-mechanical properties of the hemp cottonin are studied, from which textile products are made in Ukraine. The index of the specific elongation of the hemp cottonin was determined, which nega-tively affects the shape stability of the final products. In order to reduce this value, a small amount of the hemp cottonin was steamed in certain regimes. After that, the elongation index decreased by half, this would improve the shape stabil-ity of textiles.


hemp cottonin, physical and mechanical properties, steaming, textile products


  • Boyko, G. Investigation of Physical and-Mechanical Properties of Hemp Cottonin / G. Boyko, A.Tihosova, A. Kutasov // Materials and Technologies. - 2018.  -  № 2 (2). - С. 14 - 17.


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