Suit Linen Jacquard Fabrics of Two-Layer Structure


G. Kazarnovskaya

Vitebsk State Technological University, Republic of Belarus


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The work is devoted to the design of a two-layer suit fabric on modern weaving equipment using envi-ronmentally friendly raw materials: yarn from cottonized flax. The structure of the fabric is based on a two-layer struc-ture, which includes interlacing with different ways of joining the layers, which allowed to create a textured expressive surface in the fabric, corresponding to one of the main directions in the artistic design of textile products of modern design. The fabric is produced at Orsha Linen Mill.


suit fabric, jacquard, cottonized flax, modern design


  • Kazarnovskaya, G. Suit Linen Jacquard Fabrics of Two-Layer Structure / G. Kazarnovskaya // Materials and Technologies. - 2018.  -  № 2 (2). - P. 45 - 48.


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