Composition Analysis of Products by Ornamental Slusky Belts Motives


G. Kazarnovskaya, N. Abramovich

Vitebsk State Technological University, Republic of Belarus


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The article describes the products aimed at creating a Belarusian national cultural brand that can be replicated in various variations. The appearance of piece products represents a kind of development of the theme of belts. The analysis of historical belts determined the direction for organizing the compositional structure and plastic forms in the following types of souvenirs: bookmark, scarf, panel.


slutsk belts, ornament, composition, souvenirs, national brand


  • Kazarnovskaya​​​​​, G. Composition Analysis of Products by Ornamental Slusky Belts Motives / G. Kazarnovskaya, N. Abramovich // Materials and Technologies. - 2018.  -  № 2 (2). - P. 109 - 115.


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