Modeling of the Modified Self-Twist Process


A. Telitsin, I. Delektorskaia

Kostroma State University, Russian Federation


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The article presents the technology of using an aerodynamic self-twisting method for performing the operation of crushing and torsion of finished threads at a speed of at least 200 m/min. The study of the process model showed its possible to significantly affect the initial twist of the components by using an asymmetric arrangement of air-jet nozzles. It is shown that the use of asymmetric AKU allows to form a self-twisting structure from the same components at a reduced (about 10 %) flow rate of compressed air.


block of vortex cameras, air-jet nozzles, asymmetrical aerodynamic tortional device, self-twist product, the angle between the joint components


  • Telitsin, A. Modeling of the Modified Self-Twist Process / A. Telitsin, I. Delektorskaia //  Materials and Technologies. - 2019. - № 2(4). - P. 16-22.

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