Technologies of Fur Structure Treatment for Management of Design and Technological Properties of the Product


M. Guseva, E. Andreeva, V. Getmantseva, I. Petrosova

Kosygin State University of Russia (Technology. Design. Art), Russian Federation


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The article discusses the technology of exposure to chemicals on the structure of the skin tissue and hairline of natural fur, allowing to give the fur a new range of properties that are in demand in the fashion industry. Fur fashion has expanded the range of assortment. In connection with the new assortment concept, natural fur should possess not only classical heat-shielding properties, but also innovative aesthetics, new organoleptic and physical- mechanical characteristics commensurate with similar properties of textile materials.


fur, leather, hair, dressing and decoration of fur, dyeing, form fixing, physical-mechanical properties


  • Technologies of Fur Structure Treatment for Management of Design and Technological Properties of the Product / M. Guseva [et al.] // Materials and Technologies. - 2019. - № 2 (4). - P. 27-39.

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