Technological Equipment for Adjusting Applications to Embroidery


T. Buevich

Vitebsk State Technological University, Republic of Belarus


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The article describes the design of tooling for the embroidery machine to set up applications on the details of the upper shoe  with edge connecting lines. The developed automated technology for customizing the application and the equipment design with a set of removable plates and a template solve the problem of stable fixing of the upper parts of the shoe, accuracy of the base of the parts of the application, simplifying the design and increasing the versatility of the tooling, reducing the manufacturing complexity and cost, improving productivity and quality of the process.


equipment, cassette, embroidery semiautomatic device, application, control program


  • Buevich, T. Technological Equipment for Adjusting Applications to Embroidery / T. Buevich // Materials and Technologies. - 2019. - № 2 (4). - P. 61-65.

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