Color Contrast in Textile Design


B. Tarbayev, D. Bolysbayev

South Kazakhstan state University. M. Auezov, Republic of Kazakhstan

H. Alimova

Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry, Republic of Kazakhstan


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The article is devoted to the description of color contrast, its definition and expression of tone contrast, as well as color compatibility in the design of textiles and clothing. The authors analyze the relationship of textile and clothing design with color studies, the coloristic structure of the composition and the mutual influence of colors, the need for color contrast in achieving expressiveness in the composition, and, ultimately, harmony. As well as the ability of contrasting colors, causing a whole chain of new sensations and creating a sense of space in the Suprematist compositions of textile pattern of Soviet Russia, fabric with geometric patterns of the 20s of last century, extraordinary appearance and unlimited compatibility of black with other colors, etc.


two opposites-Yin and Yang, suprematic composition, principle of "negativity", carpet fabrics, black total look


  • Tarbayev, B. Color Contrast in Textile Design / B. Tarbayev, D. Bolysbayev, H. Alimova // Materials and Technologies. - 2019. - № 2 (4). - P. 80-84.

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