Technology of Neural Networks Application in Cognitive Marketing


I. Kalinouskaya

Vitebsk State Technological University, Republic of Belarus


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The article deals with the technology of using a special class of neural networks designed to solve the problems of natural language processing in a separate direction of cognitive marketing ‒ music marketing. This technology allows using the unique capabilities of artificial intelligence in order to develop a playlist of background music for stores based on the location of the outlet and the statistics of its consumers of different age categories. The article proposes a method of segmentation of consumers of the Belarusian Shoe company, the technology of development and training of the neural network on the basis of data from social networks, an example of a music background playlist for a brand shoe store located in Vitebsk.


neural networks, cognitive marketing, functional music, social networks


Kalinouskaya, I. Technology of Neural Networks Application in Cognitive Marketing / I. Kalinouskaya // Materials and Technologies. - 2019. - № 1 (3). - P. 90-96.


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